Blog in the Saddle Again! 

You have to excuse the post title but, damn, I do love terrible puns.

Well, folks, you know, every time a few weeks then months go by and I haven't written anything I always come back with the same notion that I'm going to be a more consistent blogger, this time for reals!! Well, I think I have to finally admit that it ain't gonna happen. Don't get me wrong, I love to write and I'm writing constantly: new songs, scripts (yes, I live in Vancouver and write screenplays - the only thing more cliche would be…Read more

Radio is the sound salvation! 

Okay, well, Elvis wasn't saying anything nice about radio in his song but radio is great when done by people who give a damn - like the good folks over at CITR! Be sure to join us, Tues. May 7 at 11:30 AM Pacific for some talking and playing of songs and some relationship advice and some BBQ tips and some paternaty tests... it's gonna be fun! See you...uh... hear you then! (Click on the ostrich. He likes it.)

High Flyin' Bird... 

Hey, folks, check out the new blog post on Richie Havens! If you didn't know his music, it's well worth a glance and a listen. Look under the Blog Heater tab. Have fun.

And don't forget about our show coming up, May 10! Details just above you in the Events section...

Aaaand, have you found and liked our FB page yet? There's good stuff there, not just cheap, repetitive self-promotion... uh... like this? 

(Smokebomb, Batman grappling-hook stealth exit.)

And The Winner Is... 

Hey, remember when we asked everyone to chime in on which EP cover art they liked best? Well, you guys had lots of opinions on the two finalists but the winner, just by a nose, is... the Hydrant!

Don't feel bad Doghouse lovers, it may live on in another format but I think the overall sense was that people just kind of liked the humour of the Hydrant. Since we have never thought of ourselves as the most serious band in the world, we're more than happy to acquiesce to your collective funny bone. Plus we…Read more