International Pop Overthrow

EBH is back live on stage at the Fairview Pub this Saturday, Sept. 3, as part of an all-star line-up of very handsome and talented pop music professionals.
You could choose not to attend but then that would be a…Read more

Happy Valentine's Day!

We've been working away, getting back on track after a tumultuous 2015 and we just wanted to share with y'all the simple news that we still exist and are making music. Here's a rehearsal of a song called Valentine. We'll…

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Black Messiah

If Baby Jesus was a silky smooth R&B singer, and I have no reason to doubt that he was (the sermon on the mount was just a badass bass solo - it gets lost in translation) then surely D'Angelo is…Read more

Nuthin But a G Thang

Silent G – it’s an industry name. That’s who I become this September at the Toronto International Film Festival.  My big ol’ Charlie Brown noggin will soon be filling up a movie screen on King St. in a supporting role…Read more

Robin Williams

Celebrity as a force in our world is no stronger or stranger than when a celebrity dies. Everyone has a reaction ranging from “who?” to “that person changed my life”, critical appraisals to snarky cheap shots on Twitter and they…Read more

Blog in the Saddle Again!

You have to excuse the post title but, damn, I do love terrible puns.

Well, folks, you know, every time a few weeks then months go by and I haven't written anything I always come back with the same notion…Read more

Radio is the sound salvation!

Okay, well, Elvis wasn't saying anything nice about radio in his song but radio is great when done by people who give a damn - like the good folks over at CITR! Be sure to join us, Tues. May 7…Read more

High Flyin' Bird...

Hey, folks, check out the new blog post on Richie Havens! If you didn't know his music, it's well worth a glance and a listen. Look under the Blog Heater tab. Have fun.

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And The Winner Is...

Hey, remember when we asked everyone to chime in on which EP cover art they liked best? Well, you guys had lots of opinions on the two finalists but the winner, just by a nose, is... the Hydrant!

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