And The Winner Is...

Hey, remember when we asked everyone to chime in on which EP cover art they liked best? Well, you guys had lots of opinions on the two finalists but the winner, just by a nose, is... the Hydrant!

Don't feel bad Doghouse lovers, it may live on in another format but I think the overall sense was that people just kind of liked the humour of the Hydrant. Since we have never thought of ourselves as the most serious band in the world, we're more than happy to acquiesce to your collective funny bone. Plus we like that it builds on our Space Douche comic book world. Can action figures and a Saturday morning cartoon be far away?

We thought it might be cool for you to be able to see the evolution of the sketvches that Barret did for us.  Have a gander below! My apologies to B Chaps if they're distorted at all in my efforts to put them all in one jpeg.

Thanks again to all who bother to write and comment. we're always thrilled that anyone bothers to pay attention. More stuff coming soon - not the least of which: The new EP!! Stay tuned, True Belivers,