The Who, What, When of everything we've ever done. The Why we can't account for. If we've forgotten someone's name, let us know!

Mars, Massachussets:

Brendan Mooney: bass, vocals
Paul Tansey: drums, vocals, lap steel, mandolin, accordion
Ross Smith: vocals, guitars, keys

Written by: Ross Smith

Produced by: Ross Smith

Engineered by: Ross Smith, Adrian Dujc, Trevor Shultz, Futcher

Assistant Engineers: Cam Pang, Terence Hui, Peter May, JD Frechette, Alice Haney, Brad Ford , Derek Seaborn,  a whole host of PAVI students we never got the names of... sorry, guys. If you know you worked on this, please contact us!

Edited and mixed by: Ross Smith

Mastered by: Brock McFarlane

Guest Musicians:
Kevan Ellis - piano (tracks 1,3, 7, 10, 13)
Ken Eisner - slide guitar (track 9) Ken also contributed parts (tracks 3, 9, 14) that never made the final mixes but helped us greatly in nailing down arrangements. Thanks, sir!
Matt Tanguay - guitar (track 3) Likewise, Matt helped us find our way with some great playing that was sacrificed in the end (tracks 3, 9). Thanks for the inspirations, Matt!
Ben Galambos: Ben was a willing guinea pig when we were early in figuring out instrumentation for some of the folkier songs. He contributed unused violin parts and good humour (tracks 9, 12).

Cover photo by: Peter French
Artwork (back cover, disc image) by: Barret Chapman
Layout by: Ross Smith

Get It All Out:

Brendan Mooney: bass, vocals
Paul Tansey: drums, vocals, accordion
Ross Smith: vocals, guitar, mandolin, glockenspiel

Paul J. Hermann: keys

Written by: Ross Smith

Produced by: EBH and Paul J. Hermann

Engineered, edited and mixed by: Paul J. Hermann

Additional engineering by: Adam Fulton, Shawn Cole

Mastered by: Craig Waddell at Gotham City Studios

Photography by: Jason Chapman
Make-up by: Trudi Egerton Ball
Artwork by: Barret Chapman, Ross Smith
Layout by: Anthony Santiago, Ex Machina Design