"The Zombie Apocalypse" or "How EBH is still alive"

The last time I blogged on behalf of the band it was on MySpace. Now our MySpace is like an abandoned space-station from some spooky sci-fi movie: floating around, empty but for space phantasms – likely the ghost of Tom, or Tom’s hatred of Mark Zuckerberg. It’s one of many changes, both major and minor (like chords, get it?) that has taken place over the 11-year history of EBH. Yup, 11 years, people. Countless trust-funded art-school bands have come and gone and we keep on tickin’, completely unknown but somehow undaunted.

Alright, undaunted would be a stretch, but despite all logical arguments to just pack it in, we keep making music. Because we like it. And because we think we’re just starting to get good at it, even with evermore white in our beards. Motivation can wane easily for anyone trying to make art of any kind. We work around day jobs and bill payments and hope that something vital can still emerge at the end of the day. We chip away at recording and throw ourselves onto a stage whenever possible and maybe somewhere someone feels a tingle of emotion or recognition in what they hear. That would be cool.

Our band has always been peripheral the actual music industry. I’m not sure this was ever on purpose, but it just so happens we’ve never been a buzz band and we have never had either the stomach or the brio to dance for or prostrate ourselves at the feet of the influential. This is no virtue, simply our awkward reality. We keep thinking we might figure out a way to course-correct since all we’ve ever really strived for, career-wise, was to be able to fill a room and get our songs into people’s ears, but it has proven more difficult then we imagined. A leading theory is that we might be cursed with the strange tendency to self-sabotage. I will neither confirm or deny this likelihood but I will admit, for any amount of work we put in, there is always more to do, and more after that. But we are shooting for undaunted so let’s see if 2012 is the start of something exciting for The Heater! Cause guess what? There’s all kinds of junk we have planned for ya!

Firstly, welcome to our newly redesigned website and blog page! The site changes are mostly cosmetic – we just needed a spruce-up. The blog, which amusingly is almost a retro concept now, is way for us to keep interested parties engaged and to provide a peek behind the curtain. Is there a little old man at the controls there? Yes, if we’re referencing how my Grandpaboy brain works, absolutely. And y’all can feel free to comment on any posting here, as long as it’s not entirely dickish. Okay, dickish is fine, but only if it’s funny. I promise this will be at least as good an ongoing read as a Dickens serial (the best kind of Dickish!) or a People magazine. We’ll try a variety of formats too, with some podcasts and video content when we can. So, yeah, the blog. Come visit often, please and thank you.

Next up will be a new EP! (Squeals of excitement!!) We’re putting some finishing touches on now, mixing soon and then there will be 6 new rocking, melodious tales of adventure for you. We’ll have more details on content and release date in coming days, but we’re looking at an early fall release right now. In the meantime, we’ll be going into the vaults for more b-sides and demos and other surprises that will be streaming exclusively here on the site. Stay tuned to Twitter and Facebook for those updates.

And finally, please don’t forget to keep spreading the word about “Mars, Massachusetts”! It’s barely a year old, and despite our nonsensical lack of promotion for it, we’re really super proud of it, and want people to hear it. The EP is really just an extension of what we learned making “Mars” and we want them to go hand in hand. Aside from our closest friends and fans, that bright, shiny, orange album is brand new to most of the world. Help us out and leave a quick review on iTunes, add us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Hey, listen, I did that thing for you that one time, the least you can do in return is click a goddamn button!!

Thank you so much to all of you who continue to let us know that we mean something to you and support our quixotic efforts in music-making. We truly appreciate it and I hope we continue to reward your loyalty with our best work.

See you round the interwebs,


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