International Pop Overthrow 

EBH is back live on stage at the Fairview Pub this Saturday, Sept. 3, as part of an all-star line-up of very handsome and talented pop music professionals.
You could choose not to attend but then that would be a vote for Donald Trump, wouldn't it? WOULDN'T IT?!!

See you there!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

We've been working away, getting back on track after a tumultuous 2015 and we just wanted to share with y'all the simple news that we still exist and are making music. Here's a rehearsal of a song called Valentine. We'll give you three guesses why we posted it today!  


If you'd like to see more works in progress, drop us a line here, Twitter, FB, wherever, and let us know!  

Thanks for being cool - EBH


Black Messiah  

If Baby Jesus was a silky smooth R&B singer, and I have no reason to doubt that he was (the sermon on the mount was just a badass bass solo - it gets lost in translation) then surely D'Angelo is right on time with the Christmas release of his new album Black Messiah - his first in 14 YEARS. That's correct. Where has he been? What has he been doing? This intrepid reporter has done exhaustive research to come up with a year by year breakdown of his time in the wilderness. Ultimately, the where's and why's…Read more

Nuthin But a G Thang 

Silent G – it’s an industry name. That’s who I become this September at the Toronto International Film Festival.  My big ol’ Charlie Brown noggin will soon be filling up a movie screen on King St. in a supporting role in writer-director-musician, Kris Legstrand’s, offbeat comedy, Songs She Wrote About People She Knows.  It was a surprising opportunity for a guy who hasn’t defined himself as an actor for a very long time and Kris took a big risk casting me with scant film experience so we’ll see shortly if…Read more

Robin Williams 

Celebrity as a force in our world is no stronger or stranger than when a celebrity dies. Everyone has a reaction ranging from “who?” to “that person changed my life”, critical appraisals to snarky cheap shots on Twitter and they all add up to a surprisingly unfiltered composite of how that person made a mark on our world. It’s a little like taking a portrait, tearing it up into a thousand, tiny pieces and gluing it back together again. Somewhere, in the jagged seams of the mismatched and mangled pieces of…Read more